Hard.......Rock!!!!! "The King.. is in.. the booth.. Get to the Dance Floor!!!!.

Andy John is as unique as one can get. Not only is he a long-time aficionado of electronic dance music, but he is also a professional photographer specializing in fashion and wedding photojournalism. Music has been in Andy’s life since his youth. At the age of 16, he landed his first job at the local and national based record shops Harmony Hut (Music Land Group) and New York-based Douglas Records (known in the 1980s as The Whiz). During this formative time, Andy gained experience in what was called the "12-inch" or "Dance Sections" of these companies. After high school, Andy was exposed to the international electronic music scene. While working as a photography assistant in the Japanese fashion industry, he met some of the most influential DJ’s in the Asian music scene.Ready to "Run the tracks" at any event, party or special occasion, DJ Andy loves what he does and brings it 110%. "It's not what we play...It's how we play!!!"

Dandy John


The history of this thing called "HOUSE"